Communication Skills (Advanced)


This fully participative 2-day course is designed to improve both external and internal relationships by enhancing communication and interpersonal skills. The course is based on the principles of Emotional Intelligence and looks at self-awareness, managing relationships and influencing others. You will be given the opportunity to practice the skills learned.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Convince others you have listened
  • Be aware of the effect you have on others
  • Adjust your communication style to get the most out of every situation
  • Respond to criticism and manipulation without resorting to counter-criticism or counter-manipulation
  • Give feedback so that others listen
  • Put your point across clearly and succinctly


  • Introduction
    • The psychology of communication
    • The barriers to understanding even simple, factual information
  • Self-awareness and self-expression
    • Knowing your own emotions
    • Managing your emotions and expressing yourself assertively
    • Confidence, self-esteem and self-actualisation
  • Analysing relationships
    • Transactional Analysis
    • Recognising and understanding other people’s emotions
    • Managing the emotions of others
  • Influencing others
    • Filters – Deletions, Distortions & Generalisations
    • Primacy/recency effect
    • Principles of persuasion
    • Cognitive dissonance

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