Communication Skills (Face to Face)


This practical 1-day course will help you identify and develop your communication skills. You will have the opportunity to practice the skills and receive feedback.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Identify skills needed for good communication
  • Identify your own communication style
  • Use communication tools to enhance communication
  • Give and receive feedback
  • Convince others you have listened and communicate assertively


  • Defining effective communication
  • Communication styles
    • The two dimensions and 4 styles
  • Communication methods
  • The communication process
    • Barriers to communication
  • Building rapport
    • Impression management
    • Developing relationships
    • Body language
    • Attentive listening
  • Communication skills
    • Maintaining self esteem
    • Asking questions
    • Listening with empathy
    • Assertiveness
  • Feedback
    • Johari window
    • BOOST
    • Being objective
    • Giving positive and constructive feedback

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