Creative thinking


This half-day course aims to introduce you to the concepts of ‘right brain’ (creative) versus ‘left brain’ (logical) thinking and creative problem-solving. You will learn to use a range of creative thinking tools and be able to practise using each of these.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Identify your preference for ‘right or left brain’ thinking
  • Choose creative or logical thinking to suit the situation
  • Use creative thinking tools – Osborn’s checklist and 6-3-5 method
  • Work together to create a metaphor for the team/organisation


  • Right brain/left brain thinking test
  • How we think
    • The creative right brain
    • The logical left brain
  • Creative thinking tools
    • Osborn’s Checklist
    • The 6-3-5 Method

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