Developing individuals and teams


This 1-day course is about identifying the development opportunities of individuals and teams to meet team and organisational objectives and create a culture of teamwork and involvement.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Understand the factors involved in leading a team to achieve agreed objectives
  • Assess the current competencies of individuals and teams
  • Develop the competencies of individuals and teams


  • 5 Platforms for successful team working
    • Establishing purpose
    • Agreeing processes
    • Communicating effectively
    • Building trust
    • Co-operating
  • Achieving team objectives
    • Communicating team objectives
    • Leading teams
  • Identifying team development needs
    • Competency reviews
    • Identifying development needs
    • Development planning
  • Developing team members
    • Development methods
    • Measuring progress


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