Marketing planning


This 1-day course focuses on the areas of: understanding different marketing perspectives, analysing market environments, and developing and monitoring marketing plans in line with organisational goals.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Understand different applications of marketing
  • Analyse market environments to assess the feasibility of marketing plans
  • Develop clear marketing objectives in line with corporate strategy
  • Prepare, evaluate and implement marketing plans


  • Marketing perspectives
    • What is marketing?
    • Social responsibility and environmental ethics
    • Identifying customers’ needs, wants and demands
    • Measures of customer satisfaction
  • Market environments
    • Analysing the micro environment
    • Analysing the macro environment
    • Weighing up the competition
    • Conducting a marketing audit
    • Categorising your SBUs
    • Positioning
  • Marketing plans
    • Preparing the plan
    • Monitoring the plan

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