Negotiating & Influencing


This 2-day course will enable you to be more effective in how you conduct business with customers, colleagues, suppliers and stakeholders by becoming more skilful in influencing and negotiating. There will be ample opportunity to practise the skills.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Choose an appropriate negotiation style and manage conflict
  • Prepare thoroughly for a negotiation
  • Use the 4-stage structure of an effective negotiation
  • Use effective questioning skills to identify the wants of others
  • Use psychology to influence and persuade others without relying on status or authority
  • Mobilise others to overcome barriers and deliver results


  • Introduction
    • The relationship continuum
    • Negotiation styles
    • Types of power
  • Psychology of influence
    • Primacy effect, Emotional bank account, Lesser of two evils, Back door
  • Negotiation process
  • 1. Prepare
    • Clarifying needs, wants and desires
    • BATNAs
    • Team roles in negotiation
    • Deciding on tactics
  • 2. Debate
    • Creating rapport
    • Questioning skills
  • 3. Propose
    • Position, Problems, Possibilities, Proposal
    • Features, Advantages, benefits
    • Influencing strategies
  • 4. Bargain
    • Trading concessions
    • Dealing with tricky negotiators
    • Closing techniques and agreeing what has been agreed

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