Presentation skills (advanced)


This 2-day course will help you build confidence and get your message across persuasively and professionally to individuals, small and large groups, internal and external to the organisation.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Structure presentations effectively
  • Give impromptu presentations
  • Deliver interesting presentations with confidence
  • Use stories and metaphors to bring your presentations alive
  • Deal with difficult people


  • Structure your presentation
    • Impromptu presentations
    • Clarify your message
    • Structure to use when sharing information
    • Structure to use when solving a problem
    • Structure to use when persuading others
  • Get your message across clearly
    • Making people listen
    • Making your presentation interesting
    • Using psychology to get your message across
  • Involve your audience
    • Who are your audience and what do they want?
    • Asking rhetorical and real questions
    • Using stories and metaphors, etc.
  • Deal with difficult people
    • Why are people difficult?
    • How to stop people being difficult
    • How to answer questions
  • Closing your presentation

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