Presentation skills (introduction)


This 1-day course will prepare you to give confident and professional presentations to internal and external audiences.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Control anxiety and feel more at ease in front of an audience
  • Plan, structure and prepare a presentation according to the needs of the audience
  • Understand the impact of body language on communication and add professionalism through appropriate non-verbal means
  • Select and prepare appropriate visual aids


  • Body language and confidence
    • Thinking positively and dealing with anxiety
    • Creating a good impression
  • Developing your skills
    • Assessing current level of effectiveness
  • Preparation and structure
    • Audience – who are they and what do they want?
    • Deciding the best method of delivery
    • Structure – intro, body, conclusion
    • Keeping to time
  • Managing the room/environment
  • Engaging the audience
    • Dealing with questions
    • Letting them know what’s in it for them (WIIFM)
  • Making it memorable
    • Attention spans
    • Energisers
    • Personal energy
  • Visual Aids
    • When to use visuals
    • Handouts, flipcharts, Video, PowerPoint

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