Strategic information management


This 2-day course will help you analyse complex issues and problems, identify causal links and identify data needed to make effective, timely decisions.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Simplify complex issues to identify the essence of a problem or opportunity
  • Make effective, timely decisions without over-analysing
  • Identify causal links among multiple parts of an issue
  • Understand what data is absent to solve a problem


  • Critical thinking
    • Claims and their significance
    • How claims are used to develop arguments
    • Recognising Inferences and assumptions
    • Evaluating arguments and drawing conclusions
  • Decision making
    • The impact of management information on decision making
    • The importance of information sharing
    • Using information to inform and support strategic decision making
    • Monitoring and reviewing information
  • Problem solving
    • Analysing problems
    • Identifying causal links
    • Identifying the information needed
  • Action learning sets
    • Real problem analysis and solution generation



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