Stress management


This 1-day course aims to increase your awareness of stress and its impact on people’s performance. The course will help you understand what constitutes positive manager behaviour and what you can do to tackle work-related stress.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Understand the impact of stress
  • Understand your responsibilities in managing stress in others
  • Have an awareness of the management competencies for preventing and reducing stress at work
  • Understand your areas of strength and development opportunities


  • Introduction
    • Understanding stress
    • Causes of stress
    • The managers’ role
    • Personal skills audit
  • The 4 management competencies that can prevent stress
    • Respectful and responsible: managing emotions and having integrity
    • Managing and communicating existing and future work
    • Managing the individual within the team
    • Reasoning/managing difficult situations
  • Barriers to displaying positive behaviours
    • Identifying barriers
    • Overcoming barriers
  • Helping your team members manage stress

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