Time management


This 1-day course addresses the time management issues of greater productivity, reduced stress and better control of work. The course will help you to establish priorities and manage others’ demands. Practical tips on time management are explored with a self-analysis of key time management problems and action plans to solve these problems in the future.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Establish which tasks should take priority
  • Manage meetings effectively
  • Develop and follow a project plan
  • Manage interruptions and minimise their negative effect
  • Use techniques to improve time usage


  • Greater productivity
    • Identifying time wasters
    • Establishing priorities
    • Managing meetings effectively
    • Improving time usage
  • Reduced stress
    • Empathy and Assertiveness
    • Managing interruptions
    • Removing vs. coping with stress
  • Better control of work
    • Developing and following a project plan
    • Asking others for help

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