Train the trainer (Advanced)


This 2-day course is designed to further develop the key skills required of trainers when designing, delivering and evaluating training courses. The course will focus on enhancing communication and training delivery. You will learn how to design participative training sessions and select learning activities to best get the message across.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Appreciate what to plan and prepare for training programmes
  • Understand how to effectively deliver training programmes
  • Know how to involve delegates in the learning experience
  • Be better equipped to handle difficult situations
  • Understand how people take in information and be able to adapt your style accordingly


  • How people learn
    • The learning process and why people remember
    • Learning styles
    • The psychology of communication
    • Getting people involved
    • Use of different media
  • Preparing to train
    • Identifying delegates’ needs
    • Different types of learning exercises
    • Building exercises into your training
  • Energising introductions
    • Overcoming nerves
    • Ice-breakers
    • Opening the session
  • Running learning exercises
    • Handling difficult situations
    • Delivery of exercises and giving feedback
  • Finishing with flair
    • Closing the session
    • Assessing how well the delegates’ needs have been met

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