PMSL launches new remote training and executive coaching programs for learners

Progressive Management Solutions Limited (PMSL) has recently launched a new suite of learning solutions as part of their new offering for 2016.

The training company, which has been helping organisations realise their potential through their people for 21 years,  are showcasing their new interactive remote training and  executive coaching offering alongside intensive face-to-face workshops  and accredited programmes, built for companies who wish to enhance their staff’s potential and improve company performance.

Remote training is a new way of learning which is fully participative. It is ideal for persons who want an engaging training experience but cannot get away from their desks.

Executive Coaching provides a stimulating and supportive one-to-one opportunity to improve skills, confidence and focus while building capability to achieve future goals.

These learning solutions can be tailored to meet the needs of companies of all different types; private, public, large and small.

For more information please contact Maggie Mosley on + 44 0 20 3056 1156

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