Our bespoke training delivers skills you can actually use

All our courses are tailored to meet your specific needs.

If you have already identified your learning objectives, then we will put together a course outline, showing the content of the course that we believe will meet those needs. If you haven’t yet identified what you want (and just know what the problem or opportunity is) then we can help you with your training needs analysis.

When you are happy with the outline, we will design the course content, including a course workbook and learning activities.  The content will be tailored for your organisation and the specific audience; taking into account their level of seniority, previous experience, existing knowledge and culture.

Once the course content is ready, we will then prepare an approach that will work on the day.  Maybe delegates will need extra empathy and understanding around their current issues?  Maybe they will need a greater degree of challenge?  Whatever the case, the style of delivery will at once be obviously ‘PMSL’ and obviously right for the individuals present.

We aim to deliver courses that minimise disruption to your normal working day.  Our trainers come to you and fit around your working hours.  Behind the scenes, PMSL people will be working hard to ensure that you can relax and rely on the fact that delivery of your course is well organised.

We measure the success of your training programmes, so you can see the good results and proof of the impact it is having.

Your business demands measurable results and assured success.  Although we can all recognise the likelihood that training is a good thing, PMSL likes to prove to you that it is.  That’s why like most training providers we offer free Level 1 (‘happy sheet’) analysis and produce a report for you summarising the findings.  Beyond this, and unlike most other training providers, we offer Level 2 (knowledge increase) analysis too and include it in your report.

Skills that stick

We will support your people while they apply the skills learnt, so that learning is embedded into what they do back at work.

Our ongoing support embeds learning, rather than leaving you to work it out for yourself after a training course. That’s because we take a mentoring approach in all that we do. There is little recognition that most learning (some studies suggest up to 80%) takes place AFTER training; when there is the opportunity to start applying new-found skills and knowledge to real life. So, after a course you are welcome to call us at any time, for free advice and support. We are more than happy to support you and your people through the learning curve.

But what about the courses themselves? Being responsive to delegate needs is really, REALLY important to us and we make sure it happens by recruiting the best trainers with excellent people skills. Because of this, anyone who attends one of our courses will feel involved and have the opportunity to address their personal objectives.

“The training was very inspirational and energising.  I have come away with lots of ideas to step up my game.  I now feel more confident to tackle those difficult issues I’ve been putting off.”

Comprehensive training materials specifically designed for your delegates.

All materials are produced to the highest standard. Workbooks are jam-packed with information, models and exercises and participants make notes in their workbook as they learn.


The workbook then serves as a useful reference after the course.

Creating a stimulating learning environment.

Toys and puzzles are used to stimulate delegates’ sense of touch and right brain and keep delegates moving.


[Research shows that delegates learn more easily when more of the 5 senses are stimulated and they use their ‘whole brain’]

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